CD Release ARIANA on January 26th, 2024

The latest CD by Caroline Fauchet, on sale since January 26, 2024, has sparked enthusiasm among critics for its counterpoint precision and the emotional intensity of her performance. Acclaimed for its expressive power and sensitivity, this record release has already established itself as a must-have.

Book Release "Un piano pour trois", September 2023

Published by Hit Diffusion in September 2023, “Un piano pour trois” introduces a novel piano method designed for two or three students to play together during lessons. Tailored for group settings, it combines progressive learning with entertainment, ensuring solid advancement similar to individual lessons. Each student also gets moments to practice solo, thus balancing collective play with individual attention. It’s ideal for teachers looking to instruct multiple piano students simultaneously.

Participation in Piano Group Illuminated 2024

Caroline Fauchet is invited to the online collective piano conference: Group Illuminated on June 1, 2024. She will present “Un Piano Pour Trois”. This method is specifically designed for groups of two to three children learning to play the piano with a teacher on the same keyboard. If you’re interested in trying group teaching without the need for multiple pianos, this could be a great starting point! To register and receive a discount on your registration, use the code CAROLINE50.

Conference at The Collective Piano Biennale

Friday, January 26, 2024, in Saint-Denis

Caroline Fauchet, renowned for her expertise as a pianist, teacher, and author of educational works, led the workshop dedicated to collective piano methods.

She explored various pedagogical approaches used worldwide, from the United States to Japan, including France.

This workshop was a valuable opportunity for participants to discover a variety of pieces suitable for group piano teaching, listen to performances, compare methodologies, and engage in enriching discussions on the benefits and challenges of collective piano pedagogy.

Ariana Concerto on Sunday, November 5th, 2023

Caroline Fauchet will perform with the Quartier Latin Orchestra as part of the Mines Festival in Paris at the Saint Merry Church at 4:00 PM.
Conductor: Marc-Antoine Novel

Awards for the Piano Concerto in C minor "Ariana" by Yves Levêque

Caroline Fauchet wins in the concerto category, the Diamond Prize and the Masterful Interpreters Special Award from the Royal Music Competition.

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Concerts and masterclasses at the University of St Andrews (Scotland)

Caroline Fauchet is invited for the second time to perform as a soloist on Wednesday, September 20th. Two days of masterclasses with the University students will follow on Thursday, September 21st and Friday, September 22nd.
On Saturday, September 23rd, Caroline Fauchet will play Yves Levêque’s “Ariana” piano concerto with the St AFCO (Saint Andrews and Fife Community Orchestra).

Musical Awakening Methods at Soldano Editions

Caroline Fauchet has created two musical awakening methods, “My First Year” and “My Second Year,” designed to introduce children to music in a playful and educational way. They offer a variety of musical games, presentations of great classical music classics, and information on music history and music theory concepts.
To make the experience even more enriching, these books also contain QR codes that provide easy access to videos of orchestras and instruments. In addition, children can discover musical stories narrated by well-known voices, such as the French voice of Simba in The Lion King or the voice of Chandler from Friends.
These musical awakening books are an excellent resource to help children develop their passion for music and deepen their knowledge. They also make a perfect gift for any parent who wants to encourage their child to explore the wonderful world of music.
Don’t hesitate to order “Musical Awakening My First Year” and “Musical Awakening My Second Year” now and offer your child a unique and captivating musical experience!

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