Deubner Fauchet Duo

Created in 2012 following a meeting on a social network, the Duo Deubner Faucher Has an immediate success with a series of concerts in France.

It follows concerts in the USA and the recording of their first album published by Centaur in 2014 dedicated to the German composers Sitt, Reincecke and Kalliwoda, contemporaries of Brahms.

With a very rich and diversified repertoire, always in tune with the current composers, the DFD dedicates a second album to American composers and a French composer whose dedicatees are several works.  “Deep Sky Blue” was released in 2017 under the label Undici 07. Influenced by jazz and pop sounding composers Harberg, Zimmerli Newman or Binet, are put in the spotlight.

The Duo Deubner Faucher will find themselves in 2019 for new recitals.

“They found the right balance at the outset thanks to their reciprocal qualities, combining in turn breadth, flexibility, a touch of a rare finesse contrasting with a power never struck, always in the service of music. The palettes they use are complementary, enrich, dialogue between them to the point of “seeing” the music, creating a soundscape that one travels with happiness and curiosity.

Their interpretation of the play by contemporary New York composer Patrick Zimmerli “The Call” seemed to definitively seal this new formation, born of a radiant complementarity, a meteoric and communicative energy that should be, And we wish them the detonator of a lasting collaboration. “Catherine Renée Xiang